July 17, 2009

Improving Specs: Mages

I wanted to start off quickly by touching on a point I brought up in a previous post- Tier 9 armor in WoW. I still think the basic concept is a bad idea for a Tier set of armor. Now that I've seen the full set, however, I will no longer argue that the individual art is lacking. Tier 9 is some of the best texture work Blizzard has ever done, and I really understand what they meant when they said this tier took more work despite being smaller. I'm a little grumpy about the armor class business, but it's gorgeous armor. Well done, Blizz. Also? The Renaissance masquerade-looking Alliance Rogue headpiece is fantastic.

But my actual topic for today is going to be something non-nerdragey. It's the start of a new series I will do for my WoW posts periodically, when there's nothing topical that I should discuss. Note, I said "should"- I would love to rant and rave like a madman about the Warrior Q&A posted on the official forums, and how useless I found it, but I don't see how that helps anybody. Instead, I will kick off this series. The premise for this series is pretty simple- I feel that every spec in WoW should have some visual trademark that makes them immediately identifiable for what they are. The perfect example of this is the Druid forms, or the Fury Warrior talent Titan's Grip- very, very distinctive, and frankly badass. I need to pause for a moment, and thank my Steam buddy, Timmy, for his help with this- all of these were done with his help, and plenty of them were his idea to begin with. Thanks Timmy! So I'll start off by talking about my ideas for class that's very near and dear to my heart- one of the classes I could never stand to level, the Mage!

So, basically, the idea is that each of the three specs will have something visually unique to identify them. Admittedly, I picked Mage to start with because it's pretty easy- Frost's is a gimme. Frost should have, via talents, the thing that everyone has been suggesting for a while now- the ability to make their Water Elemental a permenant pet, not just summonable for short periods of time. Frankly, Frost PvE isn't doing so hot to begin with, so they could use the boost. And hey, it's not my job to balance it, anyway. I'm just the guy with kooky ideas.

Fire is also fairly simple, in that it would not require an actual new talent or spell. Basically, one would just apply the dancing flame effect used by Grand Warlock Alythess (http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=25166), one of the infamous Eredar Twins, to the mage spell Molten Armor. It's a spell Fire Mages keep on them all the time anyway, and now it would have a really awesome visual associated with it too. Alright! Fire Mages done!

Here's the fun one- Arcane. This one would require a unique talent, and honestly, I'm not certain how it would work. But here's the idea- you know Kael'thas Sunstrider (http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=24664)? The elven hero (and eventually villain) that's been with us since Warcraft 3? Well, he always has three of these awesome looking orbs orbitting him- three glowing, magical orbs. In what little research I did on them, I couldn't find any additional information, but basically, they enhance his magical power, and are one of the most badass effects in the game. So why not give them to the masters of magic, Arcane Mages? They could be a buff or equivalent for mages, adding to their crit or spellpower, but it would be neat if they were more than just that. I'm not sure what. If you have any ideas, reader, just leave a comment! I'd be more than willing to edit this post with the new idea, and give you proper credit.

So that's it for today's spec improvement post! I'll probably post later about the used game business I left unmentioned yesterday, but don't hold your breath- a post every weekday is all I promise. I'll try to squeeze in more as things come up, but I'm a busy man! No I'm not, that's a lie. But I'd like to be.

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