July 13, 2009

Introducing Justice Per Second

Hey there! I'm this new blog's only writer, SixTwoSixFour. A little about me- I'm a Californian college student who enjoys gaming as his primary hobby, with writing as a second. I'm no console fanboy, I like 'em all for their own things, and I play a little PC gaming too- mostly WoW. I'm not shy about trying unusual games, but I tend toward action and rpgs, usually.

And this here? This is "Justice Per Second", a blog that comments and observes games and game theory. Gaming culture is interesting, but frankly, there are already really amazing sources for that information. What JPS is here to do is try and provide insight into gaming- about new games that are trying new things, about old gems that were overlooked, and just good stories from my gaming experiences. I'll try to update pretty regularly, and warn you when I'm going to have to miss updates. Mostly, the purpose of this blog is for me to work on my writing in a way that others can enjoy. My posts will pretty much always be a few paragraphs, because I just don't think you can make an effective point in less space than that.

The name comes from World of Warcraft- not something widespread, just something me and my friends use. Basically, you usually have DPS, right? That stands for Damage Per Second, or a measure of how fast a specifc character is doing damage. I was fine with that term for a long time... until I made a Fury Warrior. Suddenly, it seemed inadequate. Damage Per Second? That's what you call it when I cut through 3 guys with one slash of my battle axe? No... no, we needed a more dramatic way of saying it. Something more... weighty. This isn't just damage I'm dishing out. This is judgement, this is devastation, this is... justice. So I started calling my DPS "Justice Per Second" instead. It just seemed... more appropriate.

Seeing as this is just an introduction, I'll post this, then get started on a content post. Alright! Good ta meet ya, and stick around! Comments are always appreciated, criticism will be considered, praise will go straight to my head. Be ye fairly warned.

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